Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sian Lloyds husband no longer snores like a pig!

TV weather-girl Sian Lloyds recently tried our snoring ring on her husband.. She says "The snoring isn’t gone, I’ll be honest about that. But it’s different. It’s muffled. It’s as if a giant blanket has been thrown over the jumbo jet and the clutch of angry farmyard animals. They’re there. But they’re further away." You can read the full article here:
Our snoring ring works differently for everyone.  I am amusing this is because we are all different. Some people will take a paracetamol when the have a headache and it does not work at all, for others it does.  Many people say that our snoring ring stopped the snoring immediately, others say it took a few nights before it worked, others say it took a couple of weeks to work.  Some people state it only quietens the snoring, but enough for the suffering partner to get some sleep.

There is now some scientific proof that acupressure works. Read this article over at our main site:

If you have tried our snoring ring but without much luck.  Try again but this time check the instructions  carefully and wear it for two weeks before ignoring the instructions and trying it on the other finger.

Tips to help you stop snoring.

Alcohol, sleeping pills, coffee, and fatty foods can make snoring worse so avoid then before bedtime. Snoring happens when there is a restriction in the airflow while breathing and all of these things will not help.

Smoking is another no no.. obviously it is a health hazard generally, but if you snore and are a smoker please try to stop.

Overwight people should consider going on a diet.  Fatty tissue in the back of the throat is quite a common cause of snoring.  Just losing a few pounds can be beneficial for your whole health, not just to help you stop snoring.

This might sound odd, but try singing. Singing or using and musical instrument which uses your throat will strengthen throat muscles which will firm the tissue of your throat and mouth.  Singing a few times a day could really help your snoring problem.  There are plenty of opportunities to sing, perhaps in the bath or shower, on the way to work, or while cooking your evening meal.  However if you are a terrible singing and get complaints from family members why not try some simple throat exercise

Another problem which causes snoring is sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back your tongue and soft palate rest against the back of your throat, blocking the airway, hence the sound of snoring.  Try to sleep on your side and use pillows to prob you in this position. Raising your head can also help

Snoring shouldn't be accepted especially with today's busy life style and pressures.  It really is more important than ever to get a good nights sleep. Remember when we sleep this is like recharging our batteries. Without enough sleep we will struggle to cope properly during the day.

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Say Good Night to Snoring!

Me and my shadow: A stop snoring cure and a giveaway!

Me and my shadow: A stop snoring cure and a giveaway!: Writing a blog it's easy to fall into the 'over-sharing' trap, so I shall try and keep myself in check and not reveal too much ...

How to stop snoring.

It DID work for me.

According to my hubby apparently I’m still a bit snuffly ( I do still have a cold) but apparently my breathing is MUCH quieter now…hurray! Its such a simple solution has tons of great reviews

How to stop snoring.

Thanks Becky

ET Speaks From Home: Review & Giveaway: Anti-Snoring Ring to have a Goo...

ET Speaks From Home: Review & Giveaway: Anti-Snoring Ring to have a Goo...: Have you ever wanted to give your other half a big slap or kick them off the bed because they snore so loud the bed shakes?  Well I do!  ...

Friday, 20 September 2013

Singing exercises may help you stop snoring

A study carried out by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust found that singing can reduce snoring. Over a period of three months 127 patients have been doing singing excercises to improve the tone of their throat muscles.

Choir director Alise Ojay who is the inventor of Singing for Snorers exercises told presenter Evan Davis that she had found that patients who sung the sounds "ung" and "gar" found that their snoring decreased or stopped.

Read the study here ..