Thursday, 24 November 2011

What can I use to stop snoring

Nobody likes to snore. It’s loud, ugly and embarrassing and upsets your bed partner.  So what can you use to stop snoring? There are so many products on the market that claim to stop you from snoring, but do any of them actually work?

Well the facts are, everyone is made differently and different people will respond differently to drugs or medication. That’s why so many anti snoring drugs work for some people and not for others.

But there is an alternative to drugs.  Why not try alternative theraphys such as our acupressure ring?
While drugs and medicines cause a direct change in your body, our Good Night Anti Snoring Ring simply stimulates your body’s own natural ability to heal which makes perfect sense.  The ring causes you to stop snoring, naturally. Some peole find that after a few weeks of wearing the ring, they don’t snore even when forgetting to put it on.  Other people notice a major difference and ensure that they always ware it at night.

Here at Good Night Anti Snoring Ring we are so confident in the results of this ring refund your money if it doesn't work for you.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Why its so important to get a good night’s sleep

It should be common sense knowing that our overall health and well being depends on a good night’s sleep.  Not getting the right amount of sleep can make us far more susceptible to poor health. Many studies have proven than if you get a proper night’s sleep the chances of developing a common cold are far less likely. With a decent night’s sleep we are all much more inclined wake up feeling more alert, energetic, more refreshed, more productive and most certainly more responsive.

When we go to sleep we go through with three distinct and necessary sleep cycles. These cycles range from light sleep to deep sleep and a third  cycle which is called rapid eye movement which is known as REM sleep.  REM sleep helps with mental health while non REM helps our bodies with cell growth, physical repair and rebuilding – all of which are essential for health and well being.

The best way to get a good nights sleep is to do all of the following:

1.    Avoid stimulants in the evening - Stimulants such as caffeine found in coffee are not a good idea.  Alcohol, which is widely accepted as OK to relax in the evening is not a good idea. It seems society thinks it’s normal to come home from work and half a glass or two of wine.  This might sound alright but alcohol is a powerful mind altering drug and if you can’t go a night without it then you have a alcohol/drug problem fact!
2.    Lay off TV and computers – You want to try and not watch television or go on computers for about 2 hours before bed.  Watching television actually stimulates the mind which is not what you want before bed time. Reading a book is a far better activity at this time of the night.
3.    Stop working – Many of us work silly hours and have trouble switching off.  Try some meditation techniques to try and forget about work and the stresses associated with it.
4.    Ensure your mattress and surroundings are comfortable – Don’t be tight when it comes to buying a bed and mattress.  We spend a third of our lives asleep so it is important your mattress is comfortable. Make sure your bedroom has adequate ventilation and is a quite and relaxing place.  Living in busy cities or with noisy neighbours does not help but you can try ear plugs or have soothing music in the background.
5.    Eat healthily and exercise - Eating the right food and getting the right exercise is important for getting a good night’s sleep.  Eating fatty foods late at night are not a good idea. Fats take time for your stomach to digest so high fat foods are not a good idea.
6.    Stop snoring - Snoring is very common and can cause havoc with sleeping.  Studies show that snoring could be caused by some quite serious health issues, so visiting a doctor is important to rule this out.  There are some proven products on the market such as the snoring ring which uses acupressure which stop snoring.  Once you have ruled out any health issues it would be worth trying some of these anti snoring products.
7.    Set a sleep pattern – Try going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time. You need consistency here so try and not lay in at the weekend.

If none of the above has worked why not try the snoring ring from us here at Good Night Anti Snoring.  We have had great success and every day new people are waking up for a snore free night.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Snore Ring

Snore rings are designed to help ease night time breathing problems are made with small ridges on the rings inner rim that presses gently on important pressure points on the finger. Ancient medical practitioners treated many issues using knowledge based on the body's natural energy flow. It is the belief these pressure points improve flow of the meridian, the body's overall energy flow.

Before you try anti snoring product it is work visiting your doctor to rule out any health problems that can present snoring as a symptom.

Many people who suffer from insomnia have found the snore ring helps them.

Getting a good nights sleep is important for your every day functionality.  Try our Good Night Anti Snore Ring tonight to see if it can make a difference to you.  We offer a money back guarantee so if it doesn't work for you simply send it back and we will refund you.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Stop Snoring For A Good Nights Rest

For many people a partner who snores may be preventing them from sleeping well at night. This annoyance may lead to relationship problems and unkind feelings for each other. An anti snoring ring may be the solution to the problem and could mean the difference between sleeping soundly and being up all night.

Snoring is normally caused by a restricted air passage. However, there are many other causes for people to snore including smoking, drinking, aging, allergies, or any number of other reasons. Some times it is just gender or physical features that lead to this problem while other times it is caused by things that we eat or do.

A partner who snores can sometimes be the source of a troubled relationship. Many people try to ignore the problem or mask it by wearing ear plugs or covering their head with a pillow. Many times resentment builds which could lead to problems because the situation gets more and more annoying with time. Some partners may even resort to sleeping in a different room thus losing the physical intimacy that comes from sleeping together.

Often the snorer does not realize the extent of their problem. Since it usually occurs while a person is sleeping they are seldom aware of the noise that they are making. One option to consider is making a recording of the partner during a typical night so they can hear what is going on at night. By discussing the problem rationally it may be possible to make the partner aware of the situation and then work together to find a solution.

The good night stop snoring ring may be one answer. It acts through the use of acupressure which stimulates nerves that send a message to the muscles of the air passage to open further allowing people to breathe easier. By opening up these passageways it is possible to eliminate the noise created by trying to draw breath when they are constricted. Many people have discovered that all it takes is a small ring worn on the left little finger at night to rid them from this nightly annoyance.

A simple piece of jewelry might be the answer to finally getting a good nights rest. Imagine not having to toss and turn trying to get to sleep while listening to a buzz saw next to you in bed. A happier relationship and the ability to sleep through the night could be yours with this easy solution.

The acupressure Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring comes complete with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ancient Chinese Anti-Snoring Remedy

If you are a person who has been accused of snoring, you may be surprised to learn that Chinese medicine can provide relief. While relatively new to the Western world, techniques that seek to adjust the balance of the body using hand pressure to specified body sites has been shown to be effective in addressing many ailments. Snoring is distressing to the person who is accused of the condition and to the bed partner who must lose sleep due to the noise factor.

One way to stop snoring may be a simple as wearing a pinky ring to bed. The specially designed ring is constructed in a way that applies pressure to one of the 12 meridian points on the human body. The specific meridian is that of the heart and small intestine meridian located on the left had. The meridian is on the smallest finger of the left hand, between the first joint and the knuckle.

The ring is constructed of sterling silver with two small smooth bumps on the inner surface. When the ring is in place correctly, the bumps will press against the heart meridian located precisely at the outside of the finger. The silver band should only be worn at night, for best results.

The wearer puts the ring on before bedtime and squeezes it slightly so that mild pressure is applied to the heart meridian. This helps to allow the ring to do its job of opening up the flow of chi throughout the body. When the 12 acupressure points on the body are all in sync, the energy flow is opened up so that the entire body benefits.

Approximately four out of five wearers report a noticeable difference within two to three days from beginning to wear the device. The ring is perfect for those who realize there is a problem and yet do not want to undergo surgery. If no results are noticed after several days, the wearer should switch to the same finger on the right hand. This seems to hold true particularly for women.

A snoring ring represents an effective mix of ancient medicine and current understanding of all the benefits when using natural treatments. It allows for the snorer and the bed-partner to get more restful sleep. If there is a loss of effectiveness over time, the ring should be set aside for a day or two. Usually the two-day hiatus is enough to restart the effectiveness.

Try the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring today complete with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Anti Snoring Device Being Tested in the US

A new plaster which goes on your lip to stop snoring is currently being test on 125 people at the Mayo clinic in the US.  The plaster is actually a plastic sensor which is stuck a person’s top lip with an adhesive strip, like a plaster, to monitor breathing.  There is also a piece of elastic that runs around the back of the head to secure it.  How it works is by sending a short burst of sound via a tiny earpiece when it detects a snore.  The sensor measures air pressure as the person exhales. When the persons air pressure drops, this is a sign that the person is about to stop breathing.  The sensor sends information for analysis to a small control box the size of an iPod.  When it sensors that the person is about to suffer an apnoea it sends a short burst of sound to the earpiece.  There are many sounds and it finds the right one that has the desired effect and that is an increase in air pressure. This means the apnoea has been stopped.  The sound is not designed to wake the person but just ‘startle’ them which is enough to make the muscles tighten around the windpipe.

Apnoea is a serious and potentially life threatening condition where a person has interruptions of breathing during sleep, resulting in heavy snoring and other complaints.  The person will go through cycles changing from deep to light sleep, heavy snoring, and periods of no breathing often unknown to the person.  Partners of apnoea sufferers will notice long intervals of not breathing during sleep, then a loud snore or gasp along with movements of the whole body. 

Sleep Apnoea occurs when the upper airways collapse during sleep which cuts the airflow for up to ten seconds at a time.  This can happen hundreds of times each night.  Suffering with apnoea, a person will feel extreme sleepiness in the day which can result in lack of concentration and other problems.  People who suffer are restless and sweaty sleepers and in the morning they complain that they don't feel rested. We all need a good night’s sleep to function because proper sleeping recharges our batteries as it were.

There are serious implications because sleep apnoea has been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and the increase risk of strokes. Because of these links and research, new techniques are always being developed and tested.   Presently a mask is being used for sufferers which are worn over the nose during sleep.  This keeps the upper airway passages opening which prevents apnoea and snoring.  But they are pretty cumbersome and many people struggle with the device and end up not using it.   This new lip plaster sensor device sounds a much better and comfortable device and I will be interested to hear how the results pan out.

If you are looking for a tried and tested solution to stop snoring, look no further.   We believe we have found the most unobtrusive device, the Anti Snoring Ring.  It uses acupressure applied to your little finger.  We have had a fantastic success rate and every day we just hear of another person amazed by our product.  If you don’t believe me, try it today,  there is no risk because if the ring doesn’t work for you you can send it back for a refund.

Friday, 8 April 2011

World’s worst snorer - How to enter.

How to Enter...

1. Upload your video to YouTube.

2. Tell us via email with the link to your video.

Terms and Conditions

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Are you the worlds worst snorer?

The Search is on…

Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring launches the search for the world’s worst snorer!

Good Night wants to take away the stigma of snoring by offering a tried and tested solution.

The search for the World’s Worst Snorer is on!

US$1,000 first prize to the winner.

Get out your phones, cameras and recording devices and send us in your worst snorer in action.  You can lodge your entries on you tube at …….

Every 12 weeks we will choose the top ten worst snorers and post them on our website   The candidate in Number One position for the 12 week period automatically qualifies for the Grand Final at the end of 2011.

The chosen winner will be featured on our website. 


Nearly 60% of the adult population snore at some time and 40% snore regularly? 

·       You and your partner can suffer the profound effects of poor or broken sleep
·       It can affect your ability to function effectively

·       It is embarrassing

·       It can break up relationships

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring may be your answer.  The Good Night Anti-snoring ring utilizes proven ancient Chinese acupressure therapy.

Place the Good Night Anti Snoring ring on your little finger at night before you go to sleep, and hey presto - no more snoring!

The ring works on two acu-pressure points located on your little finger. The ring’s two acu-activators work to free up your breathing passages allowing your natural bio rhythms to give a snore-free restful night’s sleep for you and your partner.

Full terms and conditions can be found on our website under World’s Worst Snorer Competition.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Acupressure Defined From Wikipedia

Acupressure (a blend of "acupuncture" and "pressure") is an alternative medicine technique derived from acupuncture. In acupressure physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points by the hand, elbow, or with various devices.

Traditional Chinese medicine's (TCM) acupuncture theory predates use of the scientific method, and has received various criticisms based on scientific thinking. The anatomical or histological basis of acupuncture points or meridians, if they actually exist, is unknown. Acupuncturists tend to perceive TCM concepts in functional rather than structural terms, i.e. as being useful in guiding evaluation and care of patients.Neuroimaging research suggests that certain acupuncture points have distinct effects that are not otherwise predictable anatomically.

Is snoring wrecking your relationship?

Sadly snoring causes misery for many people around the world. It’s not just the snorers themselves suffering, but also people living with snorers. Snoring may wake you or your partner up in the middle of sleep which then results in struggling to get back to sleep which over time leads to sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem and not to be sniffed at, we all need a minimum of 6 hours sleep to work properly. Without the correct amount of sleep our bodies will not function properly and our mood and behaviour will be affected.
Some relationships completely brake down from the effects of a snoring partner; couples harbour resentment towards their snoring partner as a result of lack of sleep. Arguments and the lack of intimacy from sleeping in separate beds can be the final straw and lead to separation. This is very sad when there are things that can be done to stop or reduce your snoring.

There is new evidence that snoring can be an indicator of serious health conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. It could also mean you are prone to hypertension and strokes in the future which isn’t a great thought. Getting yourself or partner checked out by a doctor should be your first port of call.

The makers of the Good Night anti-snoring ring are confident they have found a technique that works. The newly launched Good Night ring uses acupressure theory by applying pressure on specific points on the little finger. Sounds crazy right? Wrong, acupressure has been practiced as a healing art for at least 5,000 years by the Chinese. A massive amount of scientific data has proved how and why acupuncture or acupressure is effective.

The Good Night anti-snoring ring has proven to significantly reduce snoring and also stop it altogether. It’s made from Sterling Silver and comes in three fully adjustable sizes. Selling at a RRP of just £29.99, this snoring ring could be the best investment you make for yourself and your relationships. The ring is available in Boots stores nationwide and online at