Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ancient Chinese Anti-Snoring Remedy

If you are a person who has been accused of snoring, you may be surprised to learn that Chinese medicine can provide relief. While relatively new to the Western world, techniques that seek to adjust the balance of the body using hand pressure to specified body sites has been shown to be effective in addressing many ailments. Snoring is distressing to the person who is accused of the condition and to the bed partner who must lose sleep due to the noise factor.

One way to stop snoring may be a simple as wearing a pinky ring to bed. The specially designed ring is constructed in a way that applies pressure to one of the 12 meridian points on the human body. The specific meridian is that of the heart and small intestine meridian located on the left had. The meridian is on the smallest finger of the left hand, between the first joint and the knuckle.

The ring is constructed of sterling silver with two small smooth bumps on the inner surface. When the ring is in place correctly, the bumps will press against the heart meridian located precisely at the outside of the finger. The silver band should only be worn at night, for best results.

The wearer puts the ring on before bedtime and squeezes it slightly so that mild pressure is applied to the heart meridian. This helps to allow the ring to do its job of opening up the flow of chi throughout the body. When the 12 acupressure points on the body are all in sync, the energy flow is opened up so that the entire body benefits.

Approximately four out of five wearers report a noticeable difference within two to three days from beginning to wear the device. The ring is perfect for those who realize there is a problem and yet do not want to undergo surgery. If no results are noticed after several days, the wearer should switch to the same finger on the right hand. This seems to hold true particularly for women.

A snoring ring represents an effective mix of ancient medicine and current understanding of all the benefits when using natural treatments. It allows for the snorer and the bed-partner to get more restful sleep. If there is a loss of effectiveness over time, the ring should be set aside for a day or two. Usually the two-day hiatus is enough to restart the effectiveness.

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