Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Anti Snoring Device Being Tested in the US

A new plaster which goes on your lip to stop snoring is currently being test on 125 people at the Mayo clinic in the US.  The plaster is actually a plastic sensor which is stuck a person’s top lip with an adhesive strip, like a plaster, to monitor breathing.  There is also a piece of elastic that runs around the back of the head to secure it.  How it works is by sending a short burst of sound via a tiny earpiece when it detects a snore.  The sensor measures air pressure as the person exhales. When the persons air pressure drops, this is a sign that the person is about to stop breathing.  The sensor sends information for analysis to a small control box the size of an iPod.  When it sensors that the person is about to suffer an apnoea it sends a short burst of sound to the earpiece.  There are many sounds and it finds the right one that has the desired effect and that is an increase in air pressure. This means the apnoea has been stopped.  The sound is not designed to wake the person but just ‘startle’ them which is enough to make the muscles tighten around the windpipe.

Apnoea is a serious and potentially life threatening condition where a person has interruptions of breathing during sleep, resulting in heavy snoring and other complaints.  The person will go through cycles changing from deep to light sleep, heavy snoring, and periods of no breathing often unknown to the person.  Partners of apnoea sufferers will notice long intervals of not breathing during sleep, then a loud snore or gasp along with movements of the whole body. 

Sleep Apnoea occurs when the upper airways collapse during sleep which cuts the airflow for up to ten seconds at a time.  This can happen hundreds of times each night.  Suffering with apnoea, a person will feel extreme sleepiness in the day which can result in lack of concentration and other problems.  People who suffer are restless and sweaty sleepers and in the morning they complain that they don't feel rested. We all need a good night’s sleep to function because proper sleeping recharges our batteries as it were.

There are serious implications because sleep apnoea has been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and the increase risk of strokes. Because of these links and research, new techniques are always being developed and tested.   Presently a mask is being used for sufferers which are worn over the nose during sleep.  This keeps the upper airway passages opening which prevents apnoea and snoring.  But they are pretty cumbersome and many people struggle with the device and end up not using it.   This new lip plaster sensor device sounds a much better and comfortable device and I will be interested to hear how the results pan out.

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