Thursday, 3 November 2011

Why its so important to get a good night’s sleep

It should be common sense knowing that our overall health and well being depends on a good night’s sleep.  Not getting the right amount of sleep can make us far more susceptible to poor health. Many studies have proven than if you get a proper night’s sleep the chances of developing a common cold are far less likely. With a decent night’s sleep we are all much more inclined wake up feeling more alert, energetic, more refreshed, more productive and most certainly more responsive.

When we go to sleep we go through with three distinct and necessary sleep cycles. These cycles range from light sleep to deep sleep and a third  cycle which is called rapid eye movement which is known as REM sleep.  REM sleep helps with mental health while non REM helps our bodies with cell growth, physical repair and rebuilding – all of which are essential for health and well being.

The best way to get a good nights sleep is to do all of the following:

1.    Avoid stimulants in the evening - Stimulants such as caffeine found in coffee are not a good idea.  Alcohol, which is widely accepted as OK to relax in the evening is not a good idea. It seems society thinks it’s normal to come home from work and half a glass or two of wine.  This might sound alright but alcohol is a powerful mind altering drug and if you can’t go a night without it then you have a alcohol/drug problem fact!
2.    Lay off TV and computers – You want to try and not watch television or go on computers for about 2 hours before bed.  Watching television actually stimulates the mind which is not what you want before bed time. Reading a book is a far better activity at this time of the night.
3.    Stop working – Many of us work silly hours and have trouble switching off.  Try some meditation techniques to try and forget about work and the stresses associated with it.
4.    Ensure your mattress and surroundings are comfortable – Don’t be tight when it comes to buying a bed and mattress.  We spend a third of our lives asleep so it is important your mattress is comfortable. Make sure your bedroom has adequate ventilation and is a quite and relaxing place.  Living in busy cities or with noisy neighbours does not help but you can try ear plugs or have soothing music in the background.
5.    Eat healthily and exercise - Eating the right food and getting the right exercise is important for getting a good night’s sleep.  Eating fatty foods late at night are not a good idea. Fats take time for your stomach to digest so high fat foods are not a good idea.
6.    Stop snoring - Snoring is very common and can cause havoc with sleeping.  Studies show that snoring could be caused by some quite serious health issues, so visiting a doctor is important to rule this out.  There are some proven products on the market such as the snoring ring which uses acupressure which stop snoring.  Once you have ruled out any health issues it would be worth trying some of these anti snoring products.
7.    Set a sleep pattern – Try going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time. You need consistency here so try and not lay in at the weekend.

If none of the above has worked why not try the snoring ring from us here at Good Night Anti Snoring.  We have had great success and every day new people are waking up for a snore free night.

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