Friday, 27 April 2012

How Snoring Takes a Toll On Your Relationships

Many times you might have found yourself enjoying hearing stories about other people’s sleeping habits and their snoring. Truly, snoring anecdotes can be a good source of humor and comic relief – until you’re the one on the hot seat or you’re the one directly and indirectly bearing the brunt of the disturbances caused by snoring. Disrupted sleep, impaired productivity at work, and even strained relationships can be traced back to snoring – yours or your sleeping partner’s – and I’d bet my top dollar you still won’t be laughing then.

Everyone is pretty much aware of the health risks of mild to heavy snoring. They go to great lengths to ensure that they won’t end up having heart problems, stroke, diabetes, and other medical conditions that are known to be caused or aggravated by snoring. However, most of them overlook the other damage that snoring can bring about, namely, the damage to one’s relationship with other people.

There are couples who suffer a strain in their relationship when they have to deal with a partner who snores. Some might think that’s such a silly – petty, even – reason for a rift in the relationship. However, picture this: both are exhausted from a long day at work and having to deal with their kids in the evening. All they want is to curl off to sleep together and get that much needed rest. However, when one snores, all hopes of a restful sleep are out the window. Instead, they wake up cranky and not really in the best of temper. The mood over the breakfast will be somewhere between tense and somber, and that is not an atmosphere you would want your family to subject to so early in the morning. You know what they say about how you start your morning: it affects the rest of the day.

This strain also carries itself to professional relationships. People who haven’t had enough sleep because of a sleeping partner who snores tend to snap instead of talk, and bark out orders instead of request. This makes the principle of separating one’s personal life from his professional one difficult, and soon relationships with colleagues and supervisors will be affected. Worst case scenario, the productivity of the person in the workplace will be impaired, quite possibly leading to him losing his job over differences with others.

If your sleeping partner has a snoring problem, the first thing to do would be to sit down together and discuss it. Clear the air and make your partner understand that it is, indeed, a problem that should be immediately resolved. It is also important that you work on it together. Understand that, generally, snorers’ first instinct would be to deny that they snore because, in the first place, they are not aware that they do. However, if they realize just how serious you are about solving it, you can go about finding a cure for it together.

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