Thursday, 7 June 2012

Snoring aids that work

Below are some recent testimonials which prove that the Good Night Anti Snoring ring is one of the snoring aids that work...

Many thanks to all those that have given us testimonials..


Definately an improvement, at least I'm not keeping my wife awake any more, I am still snoring, hence the second ring.

I am a heavy snorer so I can only hope this does the trick once and for all.

Thanks, I was in danger of waking up with a knife between my shoulder blades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trevor Kilburn

I suspect this may sound like a ‘planted’ testimonial but I assure you it isn’t. I’ve been buying Mandibular Advancement Devices for many years and my latest one collapsed a few weeks ago.

Whilst I was contemplating spending up to or more than £100 my wife went to the Ideal Home Exhibition and was persuaded that the A-S Ring is a good thing. She came home and met my scepticism, but for £30 I thought it worth a try so bought one from Boots

It is with utter astonishment that I found, and am delighted to report, that it is unbelievably successful. I’m at a loss to understand how or why it is so much better than a MAD, but it is – and is so much less obtrusive or intrusive.

Many thanks for an excellent product.
Rod Brassington
The ring I purchased a few months ago works well, so I am now buying another for my wife.

Mr Ian Sinclair, Norwich


The ring really works! I was a bit sceptical at first but decided to try it and don't regret it at all. The instructions say it might take a few days for the ring to start working so I knew I had to be patient. I noticed the difference on the third night - not only my husband wasn't snoring but at some point I had to check if he was alive as I couldn't even hear him breathe. I no longer have to race to fall asleep before him or fear a sleepless night. Now, even if I hear one deep snore coming I smile as I know that the silence will follow straight after……..even after a significant amount of alcohol.

Agi Walsh


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