Thursday, 25 October 2012

Snoring Solutions- Is There Any Point?

A story from one of our happy customers...

It shall be plain to you after a few minutes of reading this snoring blog that I am a skeptic. I do not believe in divine intervention or miracle cures.  I struggle to see how devices such as an anti snoring ring or pillow will change my situation.  Although, I know in my heart and soul that this will not work, I have promised my husband that I will at least try one of the methods. I can’t wait until I am proven right.

I toyed with the idea of buying a balaclava to hide my embarrassment as I walked into the pharmacy this morning.  In a low hushed tone, I asked the clerk for a snoring ring. She didn’t seem shocked and just simply handed me the ring in return for my money. 

To part with this money, during a harsh recession, made me feel like the worlds prized idiot. I was paying for an item, I knew would never work. This product was destined to sit in my drawer gathering dust. Once I proved my point to by husband, of course.

I hate admitting this. My husband was right.

Last night, before bed, I placed the ring on my little finger. My husband smiled at me, trying to show his support, I guess. 

I lay in bed, feeling like a fool.  It wasn’t long before sleep captured me and transported me into the morning. I awoke to find my husband smiling like a Cheshire cat beside me. 
“It worked!” He grinned. I don’t know whether to be upset that I am wrong or happy that I have stopped by hideous snoring. 

All I do know is that in the future, I will try to be more open minded and trust my husband's instincts, even if it kills me.

GNS win Gold

We are pleased to report we are winners of an award from Natural Products Scandinavia...
Swedish Best Product Gold

The Goodnight Anti Snoring Ring cures Snoring: Myth or Fact?

We have had a guest post published, here is part of it.
Snoring has bothered millions of sleepers for centuries. People snore for many reasons, the most common being stress, tiredness, drinking, being over-weight, nasal and sinus problems, and occasionally the sleeping position. Snoring can become a serious problem when a person starts holding their breath, a condition called sleep apnoea. Some patients can even hold it for more than a minute. 
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