Thursday, 10 October 2013

Say Good Night to Snoring!

Me and my shadow: A stop snoring cure and a giveaway!

Me and my shadow: A stop snoring cure and a giveaway!: Writing a blog it's easy to fall into the 'over-sharing' trap, so I shall try and keep myself in check and not reveal too much ...

How to stop snoring.

It DID work for me.

According to my hubby apparently I’m still a bit snuffly ( I do still have a cold) but apparently my breathing is MUCH quieter now…hurray! Its such a simple solution has tons of great reviews

How to stop snoring.

Thanks Becky

ET Speaks From Home: Review & Giveaway: Anti-Snoring Ring to have a Goo...

ET Speaks From Home: Review & Giveaway: Anti-Snoring Ring to have a Goo...: Have you ever wanted to give your other half a big slap or kick them off the bed because they snore so loud the bed shakes?  Well I do!  ...

Friday, 20 September 2013

Singing exercises may help you stop snoring

A study carried out by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust found that singing can reduce snoring. Over a period of three months 127 patients have been doing singing excercises to improve the tone of their throat muscles.

Choir director Alise Ojay who is the inventor of Singing for Snorers exercises told presenter Evan Davis that she had found that patients who sung the sounds "ung" and "gar" found that their snoring decreased or stopped.

Read the study here ..

Thursday, 19 September 2013

What is acupressure and how does it work?

Many of our testimonials are from people who were pretty skeptical until they found our ring working. In one recent review, Donna Pinnell says “I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, how could this little ring stop my snoring but it has.”

This we hear a lot, but if you understand a bit more about the science behind acupressure and life itself you can begin to understand how this ring works.

What is acupressure and how does it work?

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to provide healing, pain relief, and relief from other symptoms and illnesses. It is based on the concept of a person's energy, or life force. The theory is that we have energy or chi running through the body along pathways called meridians. I say theory because only until recently they haven’t been able to scientifically prove this. But recent developments in technology such as stereo-microscope photographs and electron microsopy have given us the closest proof that we do indeed have meridians. In the study in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine moxibustion and infrared thermography were used to trace meridian pathways. The picture below shows the stereomicroscopic image of acupuncture/acupressure meridians:

Russian researchers from The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk USSR found in 1991 after several years of study how the human body conducts light. They found that the light conducting ability of the human body exists only along these very meridians, and can enter and exit only along the acupuncture/acupressure points.  

According to Chinese philosophy the body contains two opposing forces, yin and yang. When these are in balance the body is healthy, but where there is a block in the flow of energy (chi) we can suffer discomfort or even disease. To release this blocked energy, pressure is applied to an acupoint. With regards to our snoring ring, the aupoints which are pressed via the ring to enable the flow of energy are the SI2 (Small intestine 2) & HT9 (Heart Meridian 9).

The goal of acupuncture/acupressure is to establish healthy body function by restoring the natural circulation of energy. Acupressure and acupuncture is essentially manipulation of bodily energy as it flows through the meridian system. These meridians form a complex, multilevel network which connects various areas of the body.  All of these meridian systems work together to assure the flow and distribution of energy throughout the body, this in turn helps to controls all bodily functions making us healthy. When an organ or system is not balanced, a point on the skin can be stimulated through pressure, suction, heat, or needle insertion, which in turn affects the circulation of chi which then affects related internal organs and systems.

Have you ever heard of someone with a headache pressing a spot on their hand and the headache goes away?  Many headaches are caused by a tightness and stiffness in the neck and face muscles that inhibit blood circulation. When you stimulate the pressure points it helps to relax the muscles and  increase blood circulation, which in turn relieves the headache.

There was a time when people did not believe in bacteria until they saw it under a microscope. Now with biological thermodynamics (the study of energy transformation) we are starting prove meridians exist. 

After thousands of years of practice, we know that acupuncture and acupressure works, but the West is still trying to understand why. We believe it is only a matter of time before the West really sit up, take notice and embrace alternative medicines such as acupressure.



Try the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring today and join the thousands of people who are getting a good nights sleep thanks to acupressure.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Snoring Ring Reviews

Lately we have had lots of positive reviews from the blogging community.  If you want to read some real reviews from happy ex-snorers please follow the links below.

Remember buying our ring is a no risk purchase because if it doesn't work for you, we will refund you.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Snoring Ring Reviews

We have had a couple more positive reviews:

We often hear similar stories and this is one in particular we often hear.  The partner of the snorer didn't know if it worked as she was managing to sleep (that for me is a sign).. However it wasn't until about night 5 when she was woken up to the sound of her partner Ian loud snoring.  She then looked over at the beside table and saw the ring sat there.  He had forgotten to wear it that night!

Read the full review here: 

The next reviewer had tried all sorts of methods to stop the snoring including the nasal strips without much luck. So she was more than happy to try our anti-snoring ring.  She admits the snoring hasn't stopped but there has been a noticeable improvement in the sound level and frequency. She also goes on to say that one night he forgot to wear the ring and she really noticed the difference.

Read the full review here:

Basically if the ring works for you, you have to make wearing it part of your bed time routine. You only wear it on your little finger so its not evasive at all. So if you want to stop snoring, try our Snoring Ring.  It is a no risk purchase as if it doesn't work, you can send it back for a full refund.

Sweet dreams everyone.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Keep Calm and Stop Snoring

Wife stabs husband over snoring...If only she had bought him a Good Night Snoring Ring first........

Why oh why do people put up with snoring. There really is no need. There are snoring devices that work for many people and it only costs a few pounds to buy them and try them. Our snoring ring for example is a no risk purchase. If it doesn't work, send it back and we will refund you.

I am talking about the story found here: where a wife lost the plot and stabbed her husband. She wasn't even sleeping in the same room as him as she had gone to sleep in one of her sons bed. She remains in the Washington County Detention Center, awaiting a bond hearing.

This really didn't need to happen, but we keep hearing of sad stories like these all the time.

If you have a partner that snores, we understand the stress and upset it can cause, but we have a solution. Our snoring ring is working for hundreds of people every single night. We get testimonials all the time with people happy with our product. So lets spread the word, and stop terrible incidents like this happening ever again.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Unbelievable Statistical Facts on Snoring

Snoring is a common issue in most families and institutions. One time or another, a spouse, sibling or school dormitory member has expressed their displeasure at another's snoring and sometimes made it a source of humour. In most cases those who snore don’t find it a big deal, but those who find its negativity seek a way out.

Snoring is the sound that results from the vibrations of the respiratory organs or its parts. When the nose, the throat or the respiratory tract are completely or partially blocked, they cause strained breathing. Statistics indicate that of the persons aged 30 to 60, 44% of the men and 28% of the women suffer intense snoring and generally, the number of men who snore exceed that of women by half. 30% of persons aged 30 and above snore. A few small children snore, just 5.6%. The percentage of snorers increases with age.

In extreme cases of snoring the entire breathing system gets completely blocked. This is dangerous since it causes obstructive sleep apnea. Those people suffering from sleep apnea are likely to cause a road accident six times more than those who don’t snore at all. Apnea does not just cause snoring; in advanced cases it causes stroke or heart attack. About 3% of snorers with apnea are likely to suffer stroke or heart attack. Medical treatment of apnea reduces the chances of stroke by 20%. Apnea causes Spousal Arousal Syndrome. The psychological connection to the spouse will cause them to wake up about 21 times per hour. This may cause serious relational problems. On aggregate, the partner may lose up to one hour of sleep in one single night.

Chronic snoring leads to narrowing of the blood vessels on the neck, a condition termed as “carotid atherosclerosis.” One will experience pain and stiffness of the neck. Inflammations and fatty airways block the smooth air passage and thus excessive weight causes snoring. Inflammation causes tract vibrations resulting in snoring. It is advisable to check on your personal weight through exercises (jogging, riding, going to the gym) and eating a healthy diet. Statistics reveal that shorter and weighty women are more likely to snore than their average counterparts. There is a close co-relation of weight, height and snoring.

Snoring is a manageable condition. However, one must be ready to change their lifestyle. Avoid alcohol and sedatives, quit smoking, reduce on weight, take healthy diets and sleep in comfortable positions using sleep aids such as pillows. Snoring must be tackled in the best way possible because it can cause death. Half the number of people with apnea also suffers hypertension.

In conclusion, snoring is not an elusive or mystic concept. It has defined trends and is absolutely manageable.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Snoring Does not have to Cost You Your Relationship

It is quite a challenge to sleep soundly when sharing a bed with someone who snores. The tossing and turning, the burying of your head under a pillow, the purchasing of ear plugs to try and eliminate the noise only to have them fall out of your ears in the middle of the night, the use of sleeping pills, the opting to sleep in another room, or send your snoring partner onto the sofa...

There are numerous challenges that arise when your partner snores, the most bothersome being that you lose plenty of hours of deep and restful, sound sleep. The problems that result from lack of enough sleep are general exhaustion and fatigue, irritability, lack of productivity and in some cases road accidents where the driver falls asleep at the wheel. Lack of sleep is clearly unhealthy.

Another challenge that snoring brings is physical distancing between couples. Sometimes couples opt to sleep in separate beds and in extreme cases separate rooms. The immediate effect of this is that there is a decreased level of intimacy between two people. A couple may be able to figure out their way around the intimacy issue, but being intimate goes beyond sex; there is intimacy in resting together too.

For some couples, snoring is a problem even before marriage and this may cause concern about how well their marriage will work. If a couple desires to stay together, there are many ways of dealing with the problem of snoring before extreme measures such as separate bedrooms are considered.

Since the individual who snores is not doing it with intent to irritate the other, a more productive approach to dealing with this would be to seek medical advice for the snoring partner, alongside other alternatives. It may take some time and several attempts in different options, which may also cost a significant amount of money. However, in the end the effort will have been well worth it if a solution is found.

Often, the causes of snoring are lifestyle related, such as heavy drinking and smoking or poor diet. Beginning by working on lifestyle changes together can strengthen the bond between two people. Sometimes the cause is medical, and in such a case getting the necessary medical help will alleviate the problem.

Working together to find solutions and keeping a positive and hopeful attitude throughout the process builds trust and confidence, further strengthening a relationship. Eventually, it ensures that you do not lose someone you love over something that is treatable.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Lifestyle Changes for Better Sleep

Snoring occurs for both men and women and is increasingly becoming a leading cause of fatigue and exhaustion cases that require medical intervention. Research has shown that apart from health conditions, individuals accustomed to lack of or minimal exercise, coupled with rich foods, gallons of alcohol and endless packs of cigarettes often snore in their sleep.

There are medical methods of dealing with snoring. However, before looking into them, one may want to consider looking into less expensive solutions. Weight gain is one factor that affects snoring. It could either cause someone who never snored before to begin snoring in their sleep, or it could cause someone who snored on and off to snore more frequently when they sleep. This is because weight gain occurs all over the body even if it may be easier to spot it around some parts of the body more than others. 

Engaging in an exercise regime that facilitates the loss of extra pounds can help reduce the frequency of snoring. Weight training as part of an exercise regime is just as useful as aerobic exercise as it strengthens muscles, especially those around the upper back, chest and neck. This greatly improves breathing, as the added muscular support keeps the airways open when breathing.

An increase in the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables helps the body in the breakdown, use and elimination of excess fats and oils. Fruits and vegetables also help in the oxygenating of the blood, which is a key element in the clearing of bodily toxins among other cellular functions. Fresh fruit also contains natural sugar that is easily absorbed and regulated by the body compared to refined sugar that often does not get broken down completely, leading to fat deposits in different parts of the body.

Processed and canned foods often contain preservatives and artificial flavourings and sweeteners, which have been shown to increase risks of illness and disease in the human body. One should, instead, increase the intake of natural whole foods and water, as well as regulate food portions.

Consciously regulating alcohol and tobacco use is by far more effective than leaving social encounters to chance. One may not avoid social interaction, but one can avoid excessive drinking and smoking during these encounters.

It is important that one makes positive lifestyle adjustments that gradually improve one’s life as time passes. These adjustments will consequently reduce or eliminate snoring altogether, allowing for better rest at night and higher productivity during the day.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why Do We Snore?

Young children are always playing one version or another of pretend games. One odd thing occurs when they pretend to be asleep; they embellish their faux-sleeping with snores, some loud and long and some accompanied by whistling as they exhale. This may perhaps have been inspired by cartoons, TV shows, and movies since animators, script writers, and directors have often used snoring sleepers as the perfect indicator of deep sleep in characters within the story.

Although some time back snoring was often viewed as a source of humour and generally harmless, research has revealed that there is more to snoring than meets the eye. It is emerging that snoring greatly affects the wellness and well-being of those who snore as well as those who sleep next to them, taking a physical as well as emotional toll on everyone. It is therefore important to understand the causes of snoring in order to be able to manage it.

Snoring is essentially caused by the vibration of soft tissues in the nasal passage. What happens, biologically speaking, is that the nasal airways relax and the upper airways collapse to the extent that breathing causes the soft tissues to vibrate. It is triggered by different factors. Some of these are physical, others health related, while others are lifestyle related. Physical causes of snoring have to do with the positioning of one’s body during sleep. For instance, people who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore. Elderly people also generally tend to snore due to muscular weakness which comes with age.

Health related causes of snoring fall into various categories. The first category consists of factors that cause the blockage or stuffiness of nasal passages such as allergies or minor ailments like colds and flus. Coupled with these are illnesses that affect upper respiratory passages such as bronchitis or nasal polyps. People who are obese tend to snore heavily in their sleep too. People who use sedatives or those who may have temporary prescription medication that contains some form of sedative or another are also likely to snore in their sleep in the duration that they are taking the medication.

In recent years, snoring has increased among the human populace. Research has shown that changes in lifestyle, eating, drinking, and socialising habits have caused snoring to be on the rise. Among these factors are lack of exercise, high levels of alcohol consumption, smoking, and overeating.

All these factors and more tend to lead to even further health and mental conditions and risks, the biggest being obstructive sleep apnoea and fatigue in adults. In children it's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as decreased mental functionality and learning ability.

Monday, 15 April 2013

We've been in the News!

Rosie Millard

Former BBC journalist Rosie Millard recently tried our snoring ring on her husband and it worked! She wrote us a great review on her blog here.. 

Rosie says "It works! Actually it really does. I’ve stopped being woken up, furious, at 4am".  Mr Millard has also taken up regular cycling, helping him lose weight which of course will help with the snoring.  However we do get lots of reviews where people have only tried the ring and nothing else, still with success.

This story was picked up by the Daily Mail:

Thursday, 21 March 2013

YouTube stars required

We are looking for people to try our ring for free and film the results.  Is this something you could do?  Do you have a smart phone or a camera and be willing to film a snorer before and after wearing our ring?  We will send you a ring for free and will help you with any editing if required.

We want to prove that acupressure works and that it can help people who snore.  We have had lots of written reviews and emails from happy customers but we want to go that extra mile. If we can get some sort of proof out there it would really help lots of people and put a spotlight on alternative medicines.  Alternative medicine doesn’t get the credit it deserves because unlike conventional medicine there is very little proof that it works.  However 50 to 70% of Americans use some form of alternative medicine every year.
Can you help?  Do you have the ability to film?  Do you have a husband, wife or partner who snores? Would your snoring partner allow you to film them? Would you mind your video being broadcast on YouTube? If you have answered yes to these questions please get in touch.  We will supply a ring for free of course and help you anyway we can.  If this sounds like fun and you’re willing to help please contact Carolyn here:

Let us get some PROOF out there that Alternative Medicines WORK and that ACUPRESSURE can help you STOP SNORING.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Ideal Home Show 2013

We are exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show from 15 March - 1 April 2013, at Earls Court in London.  Please come along and say hello, we will be at stand number 2N27.

If you have never been to an Ideal Home show before you will be in for a real treat.  It really is the ideal place for everything to do with the home.  (no pun intended!)

This year will be it's 105th year and with over 800 exhibitors on display it is going to be bigger and better than ever.

For more information call 0844 858 6763 or visit the website:

Open every day from 10.00 - 18.00, with Late Night Thursdays from 10.00 - 21.00

Monday, 7 January 2013

Enjoy a snore free 2013

Everyone from Good Night Snoring wish you a great a snore free 2013! 

If you are still struggling to sleep due to your sleeping partners snoring, then don't waste another minute. 

There are many snoring devices on the market, the Good Night Anti Snoring ring is an alternative health product.  The ring uses acupressure on two acupressure points on your little finger which increases the natural flow of your body’s energy to help alleviate snoring.

We are that confident of the ring we offer a money back guarantee so you can try and if it doesn’t work, just send it back. 

There is no need to suffer with snoring when there are products out there that work. Order our snoreing ring today, what have you to lose?  Ohh the sound of snoring..

Make 2013 the year that you finally get a good nights sleep.