Thursday, 21 March 2013

YouTube stars required

We are looking for people to try our ring for free and film the results.  Is this something you could do?  Do you have a smart phone or a camera and be willing to film a snorer before and after wearing our ring?  We will send you a ring for free and will help you with any editing if required.

We want to prove that acupressure works and that it can help people who snore.  We have had lots of written reviews and emails from happy customers but we want to go that extra mile. If we can get some sort of proof out there it would really help lots of people and put a spotlight on alternative medicines.  Alternative medicine doesn’t get the credit it deserves because unlike conventional medicine there is very little proof that it works.  However 50 to 70% of Americans use some form of alternative medicine every year.
Can you help?  Do you have the ability to film?  Do you have a husband, wife or partner who snores? Would your snoring partner allow you to film them? Would you mind your video being broadcast on YouTube? If you have answered yes to these questions please get in touch.  We will supply a ring for free of course and help you anyway we can.  If this sounds like fun and you’re willing to help please contact Carolyn here:

Let us get some PROOF out there that Alternative Medicines WORK and that ACUPRESSURE can help you STOP SNORING.

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