Sunday, 2 June 2013

Snoring Does not have to Cost You Your Relationship

It is quite a challenge to sleep soundly when sharing a bed with someone who snores. The tossing and turning, the burying of your head under a pillow, the purchasing of ear plugs to try and eliminate the noise only to have them fall out of your ears in the middle of the night, the use of sleeping pills, the opting to sleep in another room, or send your snoring partner onto the sofa...

There are numerous challenges that arise when your partner snores, the most bothersome being that you lose plenty of hours of deep and restful, sound sleep. The problems that result from lack of enough sleep are general exhaustion and fatigue, irritability, lack of productivity and in some cases road accidents where the driver falls asleep at the wheel. Lack of sleep is clearly unhealthy.

Another challenge that snoring brings is physical distancing between couples. Sometimes couples opt to sleep in separate beds and in extreme cases separate rooms. The immediate effect of this is that there is a decreased level of intimacy between two people. A couple may be able to figure out their way around the intimacy issue, but being intimate goes beyond sex; there is intimacy in resting together too.

For some couples, snoring is a problem even before marriage and this may cause concern about how well their marriage will work. If a couple desires to stay together, there are many ways of dealing with the problem of snoring before extreme measures such as separate bedrooms are considered.

Since the individual who snores is not doing it with intent to irritate the other, a more productive approach to dealing with this would be to seek medical advice for the snoring partner, alongside other alternatives. It may take some time and several attempts in different options, which may also cost a significant amount of money. However, in the end the effort will have been well worth it if a solution is found.

Often, the causes of snoring are lifestyle related, such as heavy drinking and smoking or poor diet. Beginning by working on lifestyle changes together can strengthen the bond between two people. Sometimes the cause is medical, and in such a case getting the necessary medical help will alleviate the problem.

Working together to find solutions and keeping a positive and hopeful attitude throughout the process builds trust and confidence, further strengthening a relationship. Eventually, it ensures that you do not lose someone you love over something that is treatable.

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