We are proud to say that we get postive testimonials all the time, here are just a few..

The Good Night anti snoring ring saved my 16 year marriage. My wife gave me an ultimatum that if I hadn’t found a solution to my snoring she would have to end it, and it was then the Good Night anti snoring ring came to the rescue. Thanks 
R.J. Thomas

"My name is Chris Peacher, I purchased a goodnight ring from you at the ideal home earlier this year. You said it would help alleviate my snoring and may help with my sleep apnea. I used the goodnight ring that same night and my wife was amazed with the results. I have waited this long to write to you as we wanted to make sure this was not a short term effect. It has now been some months since we purchased the ring and we have not only got 1 more for me but 2 for my wife (as she is starting to suffer with her sleep as well due to illness) and the results are astounding. I have had treatment for my sleep apnea at Papworth hospital (with a small improvement) over 20 years ago, and we were so impressed with the sleep ring I have informed the hospital of my results and hope they will now trial these rings as an aide to re-leave snoring and sleep apnea. Thank you from my wife and me, for the first time in years we are both benefiting from your good night ring".
Yours really happy Chris and Linda Peacher

“Just a quick note to say thank you for your product my Mrs can’t believe it. I recommended it to a girl in work whose Father’s snoring shook the house and guess what 1 week later no more snoring even after he has had red wine.”
Gavin Watson
“This is a great product at a great price, I’d recommend it to anyone”
Mrs P Toombs, Morgan Hill, CA.

“It started to work immediately. I was so impressed, thank you Good Night"
Michael Y., Palo Alto, CA.

"I go away with the lads on a golf tour every year and there is always this guy who snores and keeps me up as we share rooms...well this time he wore the Good Night Ring and no snoring - now all the other guys want one!!"
Mr C. Coates UK

Said Bob Rowland to his wife going to the London Ideal Home Show:
"And don't come home without one."
B Rowland, North Hampton

“It saved my relationship. My girl friend made me sleep in the other room until I used the Good Night ring”     
Mr A. D., New York

“Honestly, I did not believe this product would stop me snoring, but it did”
Mr Richards, Phoenix, AZ.  

it really made a difference - I can't believe it - we couldn't sleep together because of my husband's snoring and now we can - amazing!
Mrs D Brady, New York

“Best investment I ever made, saved my job and my marriage”
 Mr T., Denver, CO.  

“It worked straight away, I was so quiet my wife thought I’d died”
 Mr R. C., Kent

“I got one of your rings for my husband, it worked so well I got one for my sister”
 Mrs Russell, Midlands

It’s amazing I don’t know how it works but it does. I’d recommend it to anyone”
Mr  Cooke, Surrey

“I’ve tried everything over the years, I stop but then I start again but not with the Good Night Ring”
 Mr Smith, S. Wales

“ If only the Good Night ring had been around years ago what a difference it would have made to my life”
 Mr B. B., Yorkshire